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The Bay of CANNES
The Palais Miramar
When and why the Palais Miramar was built

In 1927 Mr P. Bermond a lawyer from Nice, launched a financial discussion about creating a luxury hotel in Cannes. The reputation grows every year and Cannes becomes one of the most popular winter resorts of Europe.

At that time there were only a few luxury hotels. The creation in Cannes of the Palais Miramar full fills the wishes of people wanting Cannes to grow and become famous.

The Parisian group of “Royal Monceau” and California” decides to build a second “Miramar” reproducing the original one on the Atlantic west coast.

The Société Immobilière et Hôtelière “Hôtel Miramar Cannes” receives from Mr Berliet, a share holder and industrial man from Lyon on the 3rd of November 1927 the building site of 3963 m2 located on the corner of Rue Pasteur and Blvd Croisette.

Several famous architects worked together on this project.
The professor Charles Dalmas who also created Hotel Carlton 1909–1913 and the Palais de la Méditerranée in Nice 1927-1929.
Mr François Alexandre Arluc, architect and engineer was the pioneer in creating the first artificial beach on the Croisette starting at the Miramar and ending towards “La Place des Iles” to the east side of the town.

The construction starts the 1st of January 1928.

The hotel is built in reinforced concrete by the enterprises "Canal and Schuhl".
The furniture was all made of wood.

The transportation of the entire construction and furniture needed 3000 train wagons.
The equipment of telephone lines needed 350 kilometres of wire, and 18 kilometres of carpet was necessary to decorate this luxury hotel.
Within one year a Palace was born facing the beautiful Bay of Cannes – The Palais Miramar.

The inauguration takes place on Sunday the 20th of January 1929.

500 guests, princes, highnesses, official personalities and other celebrities were invited for dinner and amusements.

A lot of famous personalities came to the Palais Miramar. Her Majesty the Queen mother married to King George VI came to Cannes very often during the thirties and stayed at the hotel “Gonnet et de la Reine”.

Her court stayed at the Palais Miramar. On the 17th of September 1931 the King Fayçal of Arabia stayed in the Palais Miramar, and once the 2nd world war was over, the Govenor of Ryad rented for long term a suite. In 1946 the hotel was changed into apartments. This project was supervised by the architect Eugene Lizero
The same year was born the “Festival du Film” the 2nd most world wide recognized event after the Olympic Games.

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